About US

Ojjas specialises in hand block printed textiles, working in the revival, innovation and contemporary usage of traditional techniques, skills and designs. Creating a beautiful chemistry of aesthetics, utility and cultural essence of a fine collection of hand crafted textiles.


- Vision

Ojjas was established in 1999, in Jaipur, with the vision, to attain new dimensions in the ageless appeal of hand block printed textiles; creating a niche for itself, through constant research, development, commitment to quality and design, and above all to keep alive, the art of fine-quality hand block printing.


- Meaning

Ojjas, a Sanskrit word means spiritual light, the aura within, the core of all creative activity. It is derived from the word ‘ojasvī’


- Present scenario

One of the milestones at Ojjas has been the innovation and fine tuning of application, techniques and skills required for vegetable dyeing and printing, on silk materials, making them suitable to present day requirement, especially in this homeland of cotton printing. Use of mud – resist printing ‘Dabu’ on materials like crepes, tussar, silks, georgetts, jacquards, chanderi, and other silk and silk-cotton materials, especially sarees, sourced from all over India, using both vegetable and chemical dyes, to attain vibrancy and new color pallets. Mud resist printing, Indigo dyeing, reviving some of the natural dyes gone out of usage and applying them successful on different varieties of silk and silk cotton mixes has become a speciality at Ojjas.

-  How Ojjas Started

Ojjas was started by Mrs. Raj Kanwar, a textile designer, with an experience of 39 years in the textile craft sector. Hand block printing has been her passion right from the day she was first introduced to it, in 1974, while doing a project on Sanganeri Prints, during the course of her textile design study. She considers herself lucky that life gave her the opportunity to pursue her passion.

She spent 20 years being part of a State Government Agency dealing in Craft Sector, as a Senior Designer, gaining wide experience and knowledge in her quest for betterment of Hand Block Printing. Her contribution has been extensive, right from the revival of old Sanganeri buties gone out of usage on Sarees, to infusing new life with design intervention into the famous Jaipuri Quilt; Reviving and infusing new life into Design Development and Research Centre; Initiating marketing meets and designer, theme exhibitions; Organizing and conducting workshops, seminars and training programs; Establishing Design Cell; Setting up of Computer Aided Carpet Design and Training Center; Assisting in setting up of Indian Institute of Crafts and Design and teaching design as a Senior Faculty at IICD; to name a few.

Setting up of Ojjas was the accumulation of her experience of having worked in the textile craft sector, and the vision that she could take forward the craft of hand block printing, by value addition; Introducing expensive materials such as crepes, georgettes and silks, and innovation in techniques and skills, to introduce vegetable dyes and mud resist printing on such materials, which the local printers had been shy of using till then. The success story of Ojjas, opened new avenues for silk hand block printing in Jaipur, it became a new market for such products, and gave birth to a number of new ventures being set up.